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Ride for their LIves 2022

Picture : Healthcare workers, Hospital del Sarare, Aruca, Colombia, October 2022

Ride for their Lives 2022

If Ride for their Lives 2021 was about effort and sacrifice (one long relay from Geneva to Glasgow), Ride for their Lives 2022 was about collaboration.

Cycling groups began to form worldwide, and they organised shorter rides connecting healthcare providers to create more energy, conversations and action around air pollution and the climate and nature crisis.

The first 5 rides of 2022 were all one-day "bite-sized" rides. This was Zee's brainchild and proved much simpler to organise and ride than the 2021 rides. They all took place in London and joined up the 27 hospitals of the London neonatal network. We worked our way around the compass; NE, N, NW, SW, SE. Conveniently the SE ride started Mark on his way towards Newhaven to meet up with Heather for a ride to Geneva.

London rides
London rides

In a sweltering May, Mark and Heather cycled from London to Geneva, visiting the Necker institute in Paris on the way. They met with Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization who added to the messages on the blue bag with a "We Must" reply to the GOSH Young Peoples Forum request for world leaders to "Listen To Us".

The Road to Geneva (3.41)

From July to October things really clicked up a gear with rides in Chile, Colombia, the US, Switzerland, England, Scotland and the Channel Islands. Check them all out on the interactive map. We closed up the year with a ride from Geneva towards Sharm El Sheik for COP27. We managed a couple of decent mountain ranges and about 1500K making some strong collaborative links all the way down Italy.

We didn't make it to Egypt for COP27, we just didn't have the legs and there are no boats in the eastern Mediterranean that would take us. But we resolved to organize a ride in Morocco before the Africa COP year ends as there are lots of ferries from Spain to Morocco. Morocco is ranked 7th and rising in the 2023 Climate Change Performance Index, for context the UK is 11th and sliding down the table. As a consolation prize the blue bag made it to COP27 with Diarmid and starred in a Webinar at the World Health Organization Health Pavilion - CLICK HERE to view.

Ride for their Lives 2022 summary (4.36)

We want to thank Bupa's sustainability team for their support as our campaign grew to become international in 2022.

Click here and see the video below to learn more about their climate and nature leadership role in the international private healthcare sector.

Bupa's Mission: Sustainable Health, Episode 2 (6.06)

Overall 45 rides and events took place on four continents across the globe.

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