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Healthcare staff enjoy high levels of public trust, which gives us a unique ability to drive action on planetary health.

Ride for their Lives started in October 2021 when a group of paediatric patients wrote urgent messages on "the blue bag" for us to carry to world leaders at the international climate conference, COP26 in Glasgow.

The Head of Climate Change and Health at the W.H.O, cycled from Geneva, carrying a report on the health argument for climate action.

When he arrived in London, he placed it in the blue bag alongside a healthy climate prescription. A diverse group of paediatric healthcare cyclists carried these messages onto Glasgow.

Since then the bag has been on multiple journeys around Europe, attended COP26 and COP27 and Dr Tedros responded to the request for world leaders to listen to children with "we must".

Ride for their Lives 2022 presentation at World Health Organization Health Pavilion, COP27, Egypt. A group of riders from around the globe discuss the campaign so far and the actions that they have inspired.

On Stage :

Dr Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Head of Climate Change and Health Unit, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health (ECH), WHO: rode Geneva to Milan

Dr Omnia El Omrani, COP27 President Envoy of Youth

By Zoom :

Dr Camilla Kingdon, President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health: rode around five hospitals in London

Dr Mark Hayden, consultant intensivist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK & lead ride organizer RFTL 2022: rode London to Brighton (twice), a tour of 27 hospitals in London, London to Geneva, a tour of Royal Colleges in Central London and Geneva to Naples

Clare Scully, PhD, Director of Healthcare Insight, Bupa: rode London to Brighton

Dr Heather Lambert, Paediatrician (retired), the Great North Children's Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; rode around Newcastle Hospitals, from London to Geneva and from Geneva to Naples

Dr Ilaria Mariotti, Paediatrician, Modena, Italy : rode Modena to Florence

Claudia Lorena Paz, Technical projects facilitator for Latin America, Health Care Without Harm, Colombia: organised a ride around Cali

Chelsea Kuiper, Student Representative, Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate: organised a ride around Montana