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It’s time again to Shift the Dial on child health and new work published today from RCPCH aims to raise awareness about the unequal impacts of climate change on child health. RCPCH calls on all four UK Governments to prioritise children’s health in climate change policy development, as well as providing tools aiming to upskill paediatricians to be able to better support and advocate on behalf of children and young people.

What is included in this programme of work?

Policy position statement – outlines the evidence on how climate change exacerbates health inequalities and makes policy recommendations aimed at all four UK Governments to centre children and young people’s needs by ensuring climate change policies do not further widen health inequalities.

Toolkit for paediatricians – two tools to upskill members to 1) understand the unequal impact of climate change on child health and 2) equip them to advocate for better child health equality.

Parliamentary event – paediatricians are encouraged to invite their MP to an event on 12 December to learn what they can do to support our calls on climate change.

Views from children and young people – a report ‘Preserving the world for future generations’ provides insight into how children and young people perceive and understand climate change [this is still under embargo and will be published on Thursday].

How can you support?

We have created a range of assets which you are welcome to use and adapt for your own channels:

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Re-post the College launch tweet. https://twitter.com/RCPCHtweet...

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Climate change disproportionately affects children from lower income backgrounds.

That's why @RCPCHtweets is calling on Government to act to #ShiftTheDial on climate change and child health inequalities.

👉 www.rcpch.ac.uk/ShifttheDialOn...

Option 3

Every child is at risk from the effects of climate change. But children from lower income backgrounds are bearing the greatest burden.

Learn how @RCPCHtweets want to #ShiftTheDial on climate change and child health inequalities 👉 www.rcpch.ac.uk/ShifttheDialOn...


Extreme weather, air pollution and unprecedented energy costs are just some of the ways climate change is disproportionately affecting children from lower income families.

Find out how the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health want the Government to #ShiftTheDial on child health through climate change policy. www.rcpch.ac.uk/ShifttheDialOn...

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Climate change poses an existential risk to child health and is exacerbating child health inequalities. From air pollution to rising food prices, children from low-income backgrounds are at greater risk from the health effects of climate change. Low-income households have the least choice of where they live, least resources to adapt to climate change, and impacted most by rising food prices.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s new #ShiftTheDial on Climate Change and Health Inequalities campaign calls on all four UK Governments to prioritise children and young people’s health by:

• Appointing a Cabinet Level Minister for Children

• Putting child’s rights impact assessments on a statutory footing

• Engaging with children and young people in policy development

Learn more by reading their position statement or exploring their new resources on the website.

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