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London Climate Action Week Ride For Their Lives


London Climate Action Week Ride For Their Lives

Short inclusive ride around Hampstead heath to celebrate London Climate Week.

London Climate Action Week

London Climate Action Week took place Saturday 24 June - Sunday 2 July. This year's theme is "Harnessing the power of London Global Climate Action".

As part of the Week, climate leaders Professor Hugh Montgomery and Dr. Mark Harber gave a talk in the Whittington lecture theatre on:

‘An emergency update on the climate crisis and the things we can do that are constructive and positive as individuals and as institutions’

In addition a small group of us enjoyed a 1 hour ride around the area including taking in the limited cycling paths of Hamstead Heath.

We formed new relationships and developed new ideas for collaboration.

Excitingly one of the Riders Zoe Garbett is standing as the Green candidate for London Mayor in next years elections so we got a picture of her with our Blue Bag. It was a good day for blue bag pictures as it met the current Mayor and Deputy Mayor that very evening! So whoever wins the Blue Bag has a constructive relationship with them already.