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Greener Practice Sheffield to London ride for the Big One


Greener Practice Sheffield to London ride for the Big One

Greener Practice are riding to London for the Planetary Health Hub Programme at The Big One

On 17th April a group of Health Professionals active in Greener Practice will be setting out to cycle from Sheffield to London.

We are heading to the Planetary Health Hub Programme at The Big One a four-day demonstration from
the 21st to the 24th April. People will gather in Westminster and at the Houses of Parliament to hold
our leaders to account on the climate and ecological crisis. Subtitled ‘Unite to Survive’, and
potentially the largest climate protest ever held in the UK, more than 70 organisations are
collaborating for this entirely peaceful event.

We are doing this because the climate and nature emergency is a health emergency. Increasingly
health professionals see addressing the climate crisis as the most important health challenge.
Not nearly enough is being done by our government to prevent catastrophic changes in global
temperatures, halt biodiversity loss, address damage to our oceans, or address air
pollution. Failure to act now will have profoundly damaging implications for our children,
grandchildren and all future generations.

And we know that measures taken to tackle the climate and ecological crisis will improve human
health- investment in green technologies; health and social policies which support active travel and
diets that support both our own and the planet’s health; policies that transform farming and
industrial practices to improve the health of our ecosystems, promote biodiversity and improve
the health of our rivers and oceans; equitable access to natural spaces to promote the physical and
the mental health of the population. This could be our future!

That's why we are going to London. We believe that we can bring about change. We can turn the
tide. Join us at the ‘Big One’.

For more information, please contact Dr Honey Smith on 07726 313 749