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We are all public health professionals now

You can carry on after your ride by helping us build our two hubs - one for Inspiration and one for Action.

Tell us your stories and suggestions here to populate our Inspiration and Action Hubs

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Our riders are inspired to act on air pollution and the climate crisis after participating in Ride for their Lives. The Inspiration Hub is about celebrating success. You can submit your own to become part of this resource, empower and energise your colleagues, and show them what is possible.

Inspiration Hub

We don't want to reinvent the wheel. We know that every day there are new action plans, campaigns, frameworks, infrastructure projects, initiatives, organisations, petitions, reports, resources and toolkits. With the Action Hub, we want to gather them all into one place to help bind the international healthcare community around climate action. Get in touch and tell us yours! ride@climateacceptancestudios.com

Action Hub

Legal Disclaimer

All participants in the campaign do so at their own risk. Each campaign is self-organising and participation is on a voluntary basis. All video, audio and written materials supplied to Climate Acceptance Studios (CAS) are done so for free and in the knowledge that CAS will own the copyright and can and will use them as part of an international press campaign, both print and online, and through dissemination on CAS’ website and other partner websites. Climate Acceptance Studios cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft and damage of any equipment used during the campaign, any injury or death, or damage to anyone’s job, career or reputation that occurs as a result, directly or indirectly, of any activity associated with the Ride for their Lives campaign.